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Indo Board April Newsletter

Indo Board April Newsletter


Awesome! YogaFit Canada is offering ‪#‎IndoBoard‬ Yoga Board training at ‪#‎CalgaryMBF‬ this year! When you want to practice SUP yoga, sometimes it's just too cold, too windy, too dark, too hot, or there just isn't enough time to get to your most favorite body of water. If that's the case, step up onto your very own #IndoYogaBoard in the comfort of your own home, or yoga studio. Ahh... Bliss. Beautiful Georgina @gnamaste knows the love. ・・・
Yoga is practice. Yoga is acceptance. Yoga is integrity. Yoga is that part of our life that we are missing to be balanced. Yoga es aceptarte Yoga es integridad Yoga es esa parte que nos hace falta para tener equilibrio. #Yoga #yogis #yogalife #yogalove #yogaworkshop #yogainspitation #yogaenespañol #yogaeverydamnday #yogawithgeorgina #azulsupyoga #supyoga #sup_paddle_board #beinspired #bogaboard #bogayogaboard #indoboard #indo_board @indo_board @bogayoga Indo Board is very happy to partner with Medical Fitness Network! Find a profile listing, discounts on products, serv and courses from 100+ business partners. Sign up and get the fist 90 days free with code INDO90 -

featured EXERCISES

Challenge! Do a ‪#‎founder‬ on your ‪#‎IndoBoard‬! We at Indo Board are HUGE fans of Dr. Eric Goodman of Foundation Training and Dr. Joseph Mercola, pictured here, top right, on an Indo Board. If you are not yet aware of these two brilliant men, look them up. Your time will be well spent. ‪#‎Repost‬ @wellnesswagon・・・Who inspires you? The ‪#‎wellnesswagon‬ had the pleasure of sharing time with the good Dr. Joe Mercola today. Upside down or right side up, this man shares some of the latest scientific-evidence-based knowledge & resources in the form of doable recommendations in his new book for the greater good of hoping to "inspire hope that we can advance our global health consciousness." Pretty damn cool. Knowledge is power. Be informed. Be aware. Be powerful. And don't ever be afraid to try new ways to play~ Dr. Joe rocked it on the #indoboard today! ‪#‎teacher‬ ‪#‎backpain‬ ‪#‎naturalhealth‬ ‪#‎foundationtraining‬ ‪#‎motorcontrol‬ ‪#‎motivate‬.

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Good news! the Indo Flo Cushion is back in stock! Get yours today!


Featured Videos

Remember to have fun working out with your friends - in unison on your #IndoBoard. Indo Board Certified Trainer @jleofitness and his friends lead the way. See Jim’s great video here: 
. . . You have to have a little fun with training sometimes. Three med balls 8/10/12 lbs, three @indo_board, and three stooges makes for an entertaining session. Good fun w/ @hinchtown @charliekimball in training. #funstuff @andycastleman #balance #medball
Here's your excuse to go to Australia. Train with Elise Carver of @littlebantamsurftrainer! #Pretty #strong #IndoBoard goddess. See Elise’s video here: @littlebantamsurftrainer
Nailed it *** Excuse the heavy breathing • I like my body CO2 free! *** Just a little excited about nailing this movement clean • so who wants to come #surfstyletraining with me?! @indo_board @oneillwomens_aus @maliamanuel

INDO BOARD Featured Athlete

Wait for it!.. See Hunter’s amazing video here. #IndoBoard Team Rider Hunter Damiani of Olmec Apparel Ltd, works out on his Indo Board every day. As a result, he's channeling classic and modern mythic archetypes like Hercules and Spiderman. How will you challenge yourself this week? #Happiness, #strength and #fun to you. Everyday.

INDO BOARD Featured Trainers

There are places in the world where great things just seem to happen over and over again propelled by individuals who have - maybe some kind of divine inspiration that you simply can't ignore. So, that being said - stay tight, mentally focused and balanced on your #IndoBoard! Fitness professional @johnnylouch owner of @rockwelltrainingfacility will get you to your greatest potential. #Winner #champion #athlete #cutiepie #IndoBoardHero Zach Bell.
@zachbell_44 getting it done this AM with his trainer @johnnylouch @rockwellwatches @1law @ethika @creativesportsconcepts @alansbikeshop @indo_board #rockwelltrainingfacility
North Harbor Rays Head Strength Coach, Manly Marlins Head Strength Coach, and #IndoBoardHero, James Brodie @jtrainathletic is INDO IT. #BOOM Remember to practice your #IndoBoard acid drop like Coach James! Serious fitness. Serious fun! Find Coach James Brodie at Photo Credit: @govelphoto #personaltrainer #strength #conditioning #balanceboard #fitness #fun #ilovestrongmen.
Have a fun day today! Preferably outside like ‪#‎IndoBoard‬ Master Trainer @nicola_cerciello Nicola Cerciello! Want to train with Nicola? Here you go! Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. and Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.. ‪#‎Cutiepie‬ ‪#‎personaltrainer‬ ‪#‎IndoBoardHero‬ ・・・‪#‎SevenSister‬...chalk cliffs by English Channel

She can fly! #IndoBoard Brand Ambassador Heather T. Leo channels archetype goddess strength! The #mythical manifests into the physical! Lord have mercy! If I ever need to be rescued, I'm calling Heather! #Repost the #gorgeous and #strong Heather T Leo! HTL Yoga Center・・・ #yoga #fitness #gopro #girlswithmuscles
And lastly, it's time for (drum roll please), The World's Cutest And Tiniest #indoboard CUPCAKE! #Repost @daniellallaguno Thank you, Daniella Llaguno Mena, for sharing your beautiful art with us!


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